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Wikipedia – Petra:

Petra is a small country town and the administrative headquarters of the municipality with the same name on the Balearic island of Mallorca. The rectangular running streets are lined with old houses made of golden-brown quarry stone (Marès). All in all Petra seems to be a sleepy town away from the hustle and bustle. In the surrounding area grapes are grown for well known and very good wine.

The town Petra covers an area of 70.13 square kilometres and borders the municipalities of Manacor, Vilafranca de Bonany, Sineu, Ariany and the most northern small foothills of the area reach along Santa Margarita over to Arta. On 1 January 2015, the municipality had 2816 inhabitants, the eponymous capital had 2574 inhabitants (2008). In 2006 the proportion of foreigners in the community were 9.8% (269) and the proportion of German citizens 1.9% (52).


  • Parish Church of San Pere, large open arches and a huge rose window adorn this church. In the arcade area is a monument in honour of the Majorcan farmer.
  • Monastery Santuari de la Mare de Deu de Bonany, located a few kilometres outside of Petra in a westerly direction
  • Convent de Sant Bernardí built in 1677th
  • Molins de vent – one of the 19 flour windmills on the island of Mallorca.
  • The birthplace of the famous missionary Serra and a museum in his honour. On the Placa Padre Serra is a monument with tile images of his life story.


  • Museu Juniper Serra – this museum was established in 1959 by a group called Amics de Fra Juníper Serra. Located on the streets: Carrer Barracar / Fray Juniper Serra, on the door is a note where you can pick up the key to the museum. In the small museum are memorabilia of Franciscan Father Fray Junipero Serra who was born in Petra on 24th November 1713.


  • A weekly market takes place every Wednesday on the Plaça Ramon Llull.


  • Santa Praxedes (July 21).
  • Festa dels Angels (2-3. Aug).
  • Festa de Beat Juniper Serra, on the third Sunday in September there is a parade of decorated vehicles in honour of the late missionary. Fray Junipero Serra founded 21 missionary stations in today’s California in the 18th century. Cities with more than a million inhabitants like San Francisco, San Diego or Monterey developed from these stations.

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